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Get the facts on engine preheaters. With SureStart Preheaters you get many advantages over other heaters. Find out why on our preheater information page. (Click here)
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Find out performance issues with using propane, and how they are overcome. What effect does temperature have on propane when using it as a fuel source. Learn how our patented process makes our aircraft engine preheaters more efficient.
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Benefits of preheating

Preheat quickly and thoroughly, including the engine, engine oil, oil coolers, fuel system, carbuerator and even you battery.

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Not just for aviation

Preheaters are not only used in aviation, but can also be used to warm trucks and other equipment such as backhoes. On the ranch they can preheat the tractor, and they can even be used to thaw pipes.

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Preheating can protect your engine from premature wear.
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Engine preheaters are an important part of your cold weather preflight. Take care of your aircraft engine and it will take care of you. Preheat whenever the temperature goes below 32F or 0C.